Sweet Potato Bacon Biscuits

So….it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything! Man, I miss blogging. Time flies when you’re working, celebrating birthdays, visiting family and enjoying summertime! I definitely don’t mind summer, but as I’ve posted previously, I LOVE LOVE LOVE FALL!


The hubs and I are going on a vacation to Boise, ID later this week. You’re probably thinking, who vacation’s in Boise, ID? Lol. That was kind of my thought in the beginning, but I’m actually really excited. We are going to a Boise State Football game, going rafting, going to check out a few restaurants that have been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. We are also going to go rock climbing and check out a few brewpubs. I am also going to try and stick to Paleo as best as I can while on vacation, but I also may indulge a little bit 🙂 Plus we get to beat the Texas heat! The weather is suppose to be low to mid 80’s while we are there. Can’t wait!


I would probably say the place that I am most excited about going to is a restaurant in downtown Boise called BACON. This place has not one, not two, but EIGHT different flavors/types of bacon. So who can’t stick to Paleo when you can eat eight different types of bacon? Lol. 


I was browsing for Thanksgiving Paleo recipes and found this recipe on the website/blog OMG Paleo. She has a TON of delicious and easy recipes. I made these “biscuits” and they were just so delicious and savory, I had to share them. I made them exactly accordingly but I added a dash of paprika and the bacon I just happened to have in the fridge was some left over Apple Cinnamon bacon from Central Market. YUM! 


Keep Calm and Keep it Paleo!



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